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Howdy, been a while since I participated but definitely still care.
I love my two iPod touches. The older one houses lots of old pics and stuff which I'm sure is backed up but makes it accessible.

Lots of issues dealing between different systems and OS's. Worried about over-writing. This could be made clearer in the iTunes interface. It's a real clunker, to make sense.

Well, that's all for now, a little empathy. I'll think on it, and try to be more helpful in the days to come.


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"Connie Blanken" millikinminpins

This could be good information for someone else. I found out why my iPod wouldn't sync more than 11 songs, it's because installing iTunes to the new computer didn't download all the albums that I had purchased from iTunes. When I went into the albums, there was a little cloud next to most of the songs, indicating they were waiting in the cloud. I downloaded them, and as far as I can see they are ready for syncing. It just got too late to do the sync. Connie

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After the iPod is plugged in, on the left you should see it listed. Clicking on it will bring up other options. For each of the things you want to sync, you have to select the box. Clicking sync will then start syncing the content.

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On Nov 8, 2015, at 5:02 PM, 'Connie Blanken' cblanken1218@roadrunner.com [the_ipod_group] <the_ipod_group@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

I bought a new computer from Amazon.com, and when it came it looked used, so I told Amazon and they sent me another, and this one looks new and set up like it was new. But now I'm having a problem syncing my Classic iPod. I can pull the podcasts up in iTunes, and the iPod will show that it's syncing, but if I look at the iPod page that shows how much is on the iPod, the short sync doesn't put anything on it. I couldn't tell if it was a problem with my iPod or the computer. So I hooked up my old computer and the iPod synced perfectly with no problems. The only thing it could be was the security suite, which was McAfee, so I uninstalled that, and installed Security Essentials, which was what I used on my old computer. Well the new Security Essentials came up as 360 Security. I tried shutting down everything I could in the 360 and still I can't get the iPod to sync. What do you suggest? Should I try to contact iTunes/Apple to see if they know the problem with that software?


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If you are trying to sync a device with iTunes that has been synced with another iTunes library, it will ask if you want to delete what content is on the device and sync with the content in iTunes.

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I hope some of you are still actively helping others, because I really need help. I've spent 4 hours trying to read and determine how to set up my syncing in iTunes.

I get message windows that are very confusing, i.e., asking me if I'm sure I want to delete everything on my iPod and sync with only the ones showing. No, I would prefer just adding on to what's on the iPod, but don't even know how to get the sync set up.