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Virtual TimeClock 15 Goes Green with Electronic Employee Timecards - Published on 03/03/15


California based Redcort Software Inc. today announces Virtual TimeClock 15, an important update to the company's popular timecard management application for Macintosh and Windows PC computers. Virtual TimeClock impartially records the exact time as it occurs, removing any guessing or estimating of arrivals, departures, breaks and lunches. Version 15 adds electronic timecard approval system and a suite of data security enhancements to keep pace with today's increased need for data privacy.

Fresno, California - Managing employee hours from timecard to paycheck has never been easier or more secure with the new Virtual TimeClock 15 release available today from Redcort Software Inc. Virtual TimeClock 15 brings a powerful new Payroll Approval system that dramatically simplifies the management of timecards for payroll. Addressing the growing need for data security, Virtual TimeClock 15 provides enhanced security and encryption features that help to ensure employee time clock data remains secure.

"With the new electronic approval, my staff will be able to electronically approve their timesheet without the hassle of printing them out and signing them," enthused Craig Pelham, General Manager of the General Nelson Inn in Bardstown, Kentucky. "In an effort to be more green, this is a huge success! No more wasting paper or toner. No risk of misplaced time cards while waiting for manager approval of hours and overtime."

"As more data lives and travels on the Internet, issues surrounding data privacy and security have become a regular part of the news," remarked Keith DeLong, CEO of Redcort Software Inc. "As a response, we've enhanced security throughout Virtual TimeClock 15 without sacrificing the ease of use our customers love." Enhanced data encryption is used throughout the program. Database files are now encrypted on disk and client-server connections in Virtual TimeClock Network Edition are now TLS encrypted. In addition, a suite of new password rules, features, and security options help ensure the privacy of Virtual TimeClock users.

Pricing and Availability:
Virtual TimeClock software for Macintosh and Windows PC computers starts at $99 (USD). Annual software maintenance and support as well as generously discounted upgrade pricing is available. Full pricing details are available online at the Redcort Software store.

Redcort Software: http://www.redcort.com
Virtual TimeClock 15: http://www.redcort.com/timeclock
Free Virtual TimeClock Software Trial: http://www.redcort.com/timeclock/free-timeclock-software-trial
Download Virtual TimeClock Software: http://www.redcort.com/download
Purchase and Pricing: http://www.redcort.com/store
Frequently Asked Questions: http://www.redcort.com/support

Redcort Software pursues a collaborative relationship with customers through direct engagement, regular feedback and knowledgeable, U.S. based technical support specialists. Hundreds of thousands of users in over 60 countries rely on Virtual TimeClock software every day. (C) 2014 Redcort Software, Inc. All rights reserved. Virtual TimeClock and Virtual TimeClock Pro are registered trademarks of Redcort Software, Inc. All other names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders in the United States and other countries.


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