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File - MacbookListPolicy.txt

Posted by: "macbook@yahoogroups.com" macbook@yahoogroups.com

Thu Mar 1, 2012 1:59 am (PST)

Macbook List Policy
last updated 1 Jan 2011

This message is sent to all new members, and automatically sent to current members as a monthly reminder.



Welcome to the macbook group at Yahoo Groups. Please take a moment to review this message. Better yet, please keep this message in a safe place, so you'll always be able to reference it.

To learn more about the macbook group, please visit

To start sending messages to members of this group,
simply send email to

Basic guidelines:

1. This is a group of fellow users. This is not Apple. We do our best to share experiences and help others. Ask, participate, share, comment, gossip, enjoy, but leave the soapbox and sensationalism at home.

2. No spam. No advertising unless approved by the moderator. No discussion of cracks or pirating which could endanger the list.

3. No personal attacks. Offenders will be banned without warning.

4. Trim your quotes! This includes leftover Yahoo footers and signatures. Members who continually quote 60 lines, and only enter 2 of their own, may find themselves permanently moderated (or unable to post at all).

5. Please limit your signatures to 5 lines maximum, and do not post from any location which inserts legal disclaimer footers. If you cannot control this feature (by an employer, for example), please use the web site to post. Remember, this is a fully public group. Personal info in signatures, like email address and phone number, are probably best kept private. When in doubt, post without.

6. The official language of this list is English. We only make this declaration to keep things simple and prevent abuse.

In order to foil spam bots, all new members are automatically moderated. This may cause your first post to be delayed in reaching the list, but rest assured that it is worth the effort. Yahoo doesn't offer any other way to control spam, and their filtering is a joke, so this is all we have.

If you do not wish to belong to macbook, you may
unsubscribe by sending an email to

To see and modify all of your groups, go to

If you feel comfortable doing so, please send an introductory email *to the group* right now (macbook@yahoogroups.com). This not only lets us know you're here, but also improves our community disposition.

Thank you for joining!

Glenn Gutierrez
List-Owner, Macbook

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